Below is a list of free resources that has been complied to complement and extend on ideas presented within the NSW Outside School Hours Care Quality Development Program.

Approved Framework

Department of Education and Training. (2011). My Time, Our Place – Framework for School Age Care in Australia

Quality Area 1

ACECQA (2018). National Quality Standard Quality Area 1 – Educational program and practice poster. 

ACECQA (2018). Information Sheet: Quality Area 1 – be part of reconciliation

ACECQA (2018). Information Sheet Quality Area 1 Developing a culture of learning through reflective practice.

ACECQA (2018) Information Sheet Quality Area 1 Supporting agency: involving children in decision making.

Department of Education and Training (2011). My Time, Our Place – Framework for school age care in Australia.  

Department of Education and Training (2011). My Time, Our Place – Educators’ Guide to the Framework for school age care in Australia

Network of Community Activities (2018). Play resources 

Network of Community Activities (2018). Encouraging children outdoors

International Play Association – General comment of Article 31 – United Nations Convention on the rights of the child – video

Quality Area 2

ACECQA (2018). Information sheet: Quality Area 2 – Active Supervision 

ACECQA (2015). We hear you: health and wellbeing

Alberta Family Wellness. (2014). Brain builders: Executive function. 

Australian Institute of Family Studies. (2018). Australian child protection legislation.

ECA Learning Hub. (2018). Asthma and Asthma management

Network of Community Activities. (2018). Child safe fact sheets

Sunsmart website

Quality Area 3

ACECQA (2018). Information sheet: quality area 3 – keeping pets in education and care services

ACECQA (2018) OSHC Quality Area 3 – poster.

ACECQA (2015). We Hear you: Physical Environment.

ACECQA (2015). We Hear you: supporting indoor and outdoor play

Kidsafe website

Vichealth (2012). What at the Consequences of limited play – video.

Quality Area 4

ACECQA. (2018). OSHC National Quality Standard  Quality Area 4 – staffing arrangements – poster

ACECQA. (2018). Information sheet – Nominated supervisors. 

ACECQA. (2018). Information sheet: Quality Area 4 – Belonging, being and becoming for educators.

Community Child Care (CCC). (2013). Conducting staff meetings – agendas and outcomes. Designed for Outside School Hours Care (OSHC).

Early Childhood Australia. (2018) Code of Ethics – web page/Printable version of the ECA Code of Ethics (2017) 

Network of Community Activities. (2013). OOSH Development Factsheet – Top tips for team building.

Network of Community Activities. (2013). OSHC Code of Professional Standards

Network of Community Activities. (2013). Recruitment, selection and appointment of staff. 

Network of Community Activities. (2013). Creating a Less Stressful Work Environment.

NSW Department of Education. (2018). Operating an early childhood education service – children above preschool age at OSHC. 

NSW Department of Education. (2018). Operating an early childhood education service – staff ratios and adequate supervision. 

NSW Department of Education. (2018). Operating an early childhood education service – preschool aged children in outside school hours care

Quality Area 5

ACECQA. (2018) OSHC Quality Area 5 – relationships with children poster.

ACECQA. (2018) Information sheet: Quality Area 5 – Relationships with children

ACECQA. (2018) Information sheet: Quality Area 5 – Supporting children to manage their own behaviour

ACECQA. (2018). Information sheet – supporting children to regulate their own behaviour.

Network of Community Activities. (2018). Including children with disability in Outside School Hours Care: A Guide 

Quality Area 6

ACECQA. (2018). Engaging with Aboriginal Communities – Where do we start?

ACECQA. (2018) Information sheet – Building partnerships with families

ACECQA. (2081). National Quality Standard  –  Quality Area 6 – Poster

ACECQA. (2018). We Hear You – Collaboration, respect and support: Relationships and partnerships with families and communities. 

Big Fat Smile. (2018). Honouring Indigenous Connections – linking culture to education and care practice. 

Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. (2011). Promoting Collaborative Partnerships between School Age Care Services and Schools.

ECA Learning Hub Reconciliation resources  – a comprehensive list of resources and online information about supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander educators, cultural awareness, events and celebrations, relationships with families, creating culturally welcoming spaces and more.

KU Children’s Services. (2018) NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency – Information sheet

Network of community activities. (2018). Including children with disability in Outside School Hours Care: A Guide

Network of Community Activities. (2013). Talking to Parents About the Hard Issues

NSW/ACT Inclusion Agency – web page

Quality Area 7

ACECQA (2018). Assessment and Ratings Process

ACECQA (2018).  Information sheet – Nominated Supervisors

ACECQA (2018). Information Sheet – Reviewing your Quality Improvement Plan

ACECQA (2018). Information sheet: Quality Area 7 – Educational leadership and team building

ACECQA (2018). Information sheet: Quality Area 7 – The role of the educational leader

ACECQA. (2018). National Quality Standard – Quality Area 7 (OSHC) poster

ACECQA. (2018) Newsletter Issue 6 2018 – Governance in education and care

ACECQA. (2018). Quality Area 7 – Information sheet: Using complaints to Support continuous Improvement

ACECQA. (2018). Quality Improvement Plan

ECA Learning Hub. (2012). The role of educational leader 

Network of Community Activities (2013). Effective Leadership

NSW Department of Education. (2017). Early Childhood Education and Care Service – Quality Improvement Plan.

NSW Department of Education. (2018). Operating an early childhood education service – Preschool age children at outside school hours care. 

NSW Department of Education. (2018). What’s happening in the early childhood education sector – Quality Improvement Plan template.