What kind of information can I share?

You can share any confidential information except for ‘excluded information’.

If the requirements of the schemes are met, you can share any confidential information about any person, including sensitive, personal and health information to:

  • promote the wellbeing or safety of a child or children (using CISS); or
  • assess or manage family violence risk (using FVISS).

This can include:

  • case notes
  • observations
  • assessments
  • service engagement history
  • any other information relevant to promoting the wellbeing or safety of a child or assessing or managing family violence risk.

The only information you can’t share is ‘excluded information’. This is information that could:

  • endanger a person’s life or result in physical injury
  • prejudice a police investigation or interfere with the enforcement or administration or the law
  • prejudice a coronial inquest or prejudice the fair trial of a person
  • be legally privileged
  • reveal a confidential police source
  • contravene a court order
  • be contrary to the public interest
  • contravene another law if shared.

Practice tip: Check that the information you want to share is not ‘excluded information’.

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