What records do I have to keep?

You must keep a record of all information that is requested and shared.

If you receive a request for information, you must record:

  • the name of the Information Sharing Entity (ISE) that requested the information
  • the information that was requested
  • the date on which the ISE made the request
  • the reason for refusing a request, if relevant.

The Department of Education’s toolkit on information sharing includes an email template for declining a request.

If you share information proactively or in response to a request, you must record:

  • the name of the ISE that received the information
  • the date the information was shared
  • the information that was shared
  • whether you sought the child or parents/carers’ views and wishes (and if not, why).

Your organisation can determine its own policies and procedures for record-keeping, as long as they meet the requirements above. The Department of Education’s toolkit on information sharing also includes templates for record-keeping.

Practice tip: Make sure you keep a record of any information that you request or share with another authorised service.

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