Who can I share information with?

You can request information from and share information with other prescribed Information Sharing Entities (ISEs).

Sharing information with other ISEs

As long as the requirements of the relevant scheme are met, the information sharing schemes authorise you to share information with other ISEs such as:
  • other early childhood education and care services
  • schools (including Koorie Education Workforce in government schools)
  • maternal and child health services
  • community health and legal services
  • general practitioners
  • Child FIRST
  • Victoria Police
  • mental health services
  • alcohol and other drug-related services.

Practice Tip: Check that the organisation you are sharing information with is a prescribed ISE. You can view a list of ISEs at: www.vic.gov.au/information-sharing-entity-list.

Sharing information with specialist Risk Assessment Entities

Under the Family Violence Information Sharing Scheme (FVISS), there are specialist ISEs known as Risk Assessment Entities (RAEs) that can request and receive information to assess family violence risk. This includes:

  • Victoria Police
  • Child Protection
  • Specialist family violence services
  • The Orange Door.

Early childhood services are not RAEs and therefore cannot assess family violence risk. However, if you suspect family violence, you can share information with an RAE who is authorised to undertake a risk assessment. This is a one-way flow of information.

Once family violence has been established, you can request information from and share information with other ISEs, including RAEs, to support the management of family violence risk for children who attend your service.

If you proactively share information with Child Protection and they do not undertake an investigation, you are encouraged to share information with another RAE (such as the Orange Door, if family violence is suspected or confirmed) to address your concerns about a child’s wellbeing and safety.

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