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The latest in early childhood news

In this issue... The Australian Government announces changes to the Child Care Subsidy; early childhood services in Queensland redevelop their playgrounds to promote risky play; and the United Workers Union releases a report on quality and compliance in for-profit services. Join an online seminar about how children can connect and make friends in a post-pandemic world, and The New York Times explores how much money governments around the world invest in early learning

​​​​Find the latest in state and territory news and jump down to read what ECA teams have been doing.
Child Care Subsidy
The Australian Government has announced that changes to the Child Care Subsidy will start earlier than expected, now on 7 March 2022. Read the media release here and read an ABC News article about what this change means for you here
Risky play benefits
‘Giving children space to be in charge of their own play, to try and fail, can set them up for life’ ABC News explores how early education and care services are redeveloping their playgrounds to increase risky play. 
New ECEC report
​​​​Last Wednesday (6 October), the United Workers Union released a report ‘outlining the failure of for-profit early childhood education and care providers to keep Australian children safe’. Read Unsafe and non-compliant: Profits above safety in Australia’s early learning sector here
Post-pandemic connections  
How will a post-pandemic world affect children, their right to make friends and connect safely with others? Join ECA’s Dr Kate Highfield and other industry leaders for a free online seminar on Thursday 28 October. Register and learn more about the event here.
Paying for education
'We as a society, with public funding, spend so much less on children before kindergarten than once they reach kindergarten.’ The New York Times explores how much governments around the world spend on early childhood education and care. Read here
In state and territory news...

In Victoria, students in primary school will be required to wear a mask when face-to-face learning resumes later this month. Meanwhile, families with young children in Ballarat and around regional Victoria are signing up for a generational wellbeing study lead by Murdoch Children’s Research Institute. Also in Victoria, secondary students eager to work in the early childhood sector can kickstart their career early.

In the ACT, on Wednesday (13 October) the ACT Government announced mandatory vaccination requirements for staff working in early childhood settings. Also Education Minister Yvette Berry says the ACT Government is investing an additional $5.7 million into early childhood education and care services and schools to support the return to school following the COVID-19 lockdown. ​​​​​​

In NSW, more than 140 000 children across the state have returned to the classroom for face-to-face learning. And gap fee waiving and additional allowable absences are available to early childhood education and care services across the state until COVID-19 lockdown restrictions are lifted

Transition to school
Re-released with brand new material, including inclusive case studies and content on technology and natural disasters, First Year at School helps families start school feeling informed and ready. 
Be You and Victorian School Readiness Funding
Learn about the range of ways that you can engage in Be You to meet your Victorian School Readiness Funding (SRF) goals and plans. Join a SRF Spotlight Session.
AJEC 2022!
​​​Registrations and applications to present are now open for the 2022 AJEC Research Symposium! Submissions close Friday 5 November. Find out more.
New on The Spoke
This blog shares recommendations to help you provide the best support for children and their families during transition to school. Also explore how using a framework through robotic play can support social and emotional development.
ECA Shop: Colours of Australia
Country inspires Bronwyn Bancroft’s poetry in her new beautifully illustrated book, Colours of Australia, available now on the ECA Shop. 
Emotion coaching
Explore the five steps of emotion coaching in this ECA Learning Hub on-demand webinar, Emotion coaching: A transformational tool. Educators can use these skills to build trusting and respectful relationships with children.
ECA WebWatch—Issue 366,
October 2021.
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