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The latest in early childhood news

Making news this fortnight... Australia’s first National Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is released; the federal government invests in Indigenous education and wellbeing; and celebrate National Children’s Week in your local area. Tune into a free webinar all about the COVID vaccines; access COVID-19 resources for children on the Royal Children’s Hospital webpage; and attend the 2021 Australian Reconciliation Convention. Attend an online webinar about making friends and connections in a post-pandemic world; register to participate in upcoming projects with the Australian Education Research Organisation; help researchers from the University of New England by completing a short survey on gender; and join the official Friends of Thrive by Five program

​​​​Find the latest in state and territory news and jump down to read what ECA teams have been doing.
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National wellbeing strategy
​​​​​The National Mental Health Commission recently released the country’s first National Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The strategy ‘provides the framework and foundations for lifelong mental health and wellbeing to be built during childhood, with a whole-of-community approach.’ View it here
Education programs
Last Wednesday (20 October), the Australian Government announced it is investing $19.5 million into early childhood initiatives for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children. This includes pathways to preschool and facilitated playgroups, so that Indigenous children are ready to start school. Read the media release here
Children's Week
​​​​Early childhood education and care services all around Australia are celebrating Children’s Week (23–31 October). Click here to find out more about Children’s Week and participate in an activity in your state or territory. 
Vaccine webinar
​Join Murdoch Children’s Research Institute’s Associate Professor Margie Danchin and Dr Jessica Kaufman this Thursday 3:30- 4:15 pm (AEDT) for an early childhood webinar covering the latest data on safety and effectiveness ​​​​​of COVID vaccines. Click on this link to join the free webinar. 
COVID-19 Resources Hub
​​​​The Royal Children’s Hospital has compiled the latest research and evidence-based resources on COVID-19 and children from the Centre for Community Child Health, the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute and the University of Melbourne. View the range of resources here.
2021 Australian Reconciliation Convention 
​​​​Marking 20 years of Reconciliation Australia, this live-streamed event (held 15–17 November) will include discussions and panel presentations, storytelling and performances with local, national and international perspectives to reflect on the past and to explore the future of a just, equitable, and reconciled Australia. Book your ticket here
Friends and connections 
ECA is a proud partner organisation in the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child. This centre is holding an online event on Thursday 28 October called: 'The Digital Child: Making friends and connections in a post-pandemic world.' Click here to ​​register for this free event. 
Evidence research
​​​​As educators and teachers, how do you use evidence in your practice? The Australian Education Research Organisation are interviewing early childhood teachers and educators in order to inform their research projects on evidence-based practice. To express your interest, click here.
Gender Survey
Researchers from the University of New England are looking to gather the thoughts and experiences of Australian early childhood teachers on the topic of gender. All degree-qualified early childhood teachers in Australia who are currently (or were recently) working in a contact teaching role are invited to participate in an anonymous survey before 8 November. Complete the survey here
Thrive by Five
Join the official Friends of Thrive by Five program and pledge your support for a high quality, universally accessible, affordable early learning system staffed by an appropriately paid and recognised workforce. Learn more here
In state and territory news...

In Victoria, all not-for-profit early learning centres and long day care centres that offer a kindy program have been offered $4500 to improve ventilation and air flow through the Kinder Ventilation Support Fund. 

In the NT, Education Minister the Hon. Lauren Moss released the state’s Education Engagement Strategy 2022–2031

In South Australia, Labor leader Peter Malinauskas has made a major pre-election pitch to parents, promising to make preschool available to all South Australian three-year-olds.
Everyday Learning Series 
ECA is inviting expressions of interest to write for the Everyday Learning Series. Get in touch with the ECA publishing team before 22 November and learn more here.
Upcoming webinar
Join Be You for Notice and observe children’s mental health—a professional conversation with educators about the strong links between behaviour, learning and mental health. Secure your spot
AJEC: Embracing challenge
​​​Explore the theme of ‘Embracing challenge: Research in early childhood’ at the 2022 AJEC Research Symposium. We invite you to come together online to share and listen to cutting-edge knowledge. Book now and apply to present!
New on The Spoke
Can we belong everywhere? Catharine Hydon and Trent Moy’s second piece in their three-part blog series explores how to navigate the ethics of inclusion in early childhood. Read it here.
ECA Shop: Real Kids, Real Play 
Described as ‘the ultimate play guide’, this resource is packed with simple hands-on activities using household items, STEM experiments and DIY play recipes. Purchase it here.
Understand the role
The newest professional learning module on the ECA Learning Hub unpacks what it means to be a nominated supervisor or person in day-to-day charge of an early childhood education and care service.
ECA WebWatch—Issue 367,
October 2021.
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